KuzhinaIme.co.uk is the English version of the Albanian website KuzhinaIme.al.

How it all started?

KuzhinaIme.al started as a Facebook page on May 26, 2012. During these years, over 4000 cooking recipes have been sent by more than 100 authors; over 90% of the cooking recipes published on this website are with the original photos of the authors themselves, recipes cooked and then photographed by the authors.

KuzhinaIme.al is derived from the combination of the words “kuzhina ime” translated as “my kitchen” .

Anyone can send and publish on this website beautiful ideas or cooking recipes by sharing with friends of KuzhinaIme.co.uk cooking photos and cooking recipes from their kitchen.

“My Kitchen” is also the slogan of our website, precisely for this reason.

Mission and objectives

In KuzhinaIme.co.uk, you will be able to browse cooking recipes mainly from Albanian and Mediterranean cuisine organized in the relevant categories. You will be able to browse some ways to cook healthy, how to cook baklava, how to cook pies, how to cook a sour cream casserole, or different types of traditional cooking recipes from Albanian cuisine for the reason that the same cooking recipe has been submitted several times by different authors. For each of the authors of cooking recipes, “my kitchen” is special; someone adds more and someone less different ingredients according to personal tastes. We are happy to publish all recipes that are submitted, even if a similar recipe has been submitted and published before, so visitors can browse and choose.

Learn how to use our website

At the end of each cooking recipe, you have some keywords that show the categories to which this cooking recipe belongs, among other things the name of the author or author of the cooking recipe. Click on this option, and you will be able to browse all recipes sent by the author of this recipe.

KuzhinaIme.co.uk also uses a gastronomic dictionary to explain various terms of the category kitchen cooking used on this website. These words will appear underlined with two lines. It is enough to place the computer arrow (if you are using a computer) or your hand (if you are using a mobile phone) to these words, and a table will appear with explanations for the corresponding word, such as (antipasto, baking powder, serving, health, etc.

Currently, 100+ cooking recipes are published on the website these 4000+, but new ones are added every day. All cooking recipes are being rewritten by the website maintainers with Grammarly and organized in the relevant categories on the dates when they were sent to the KuzhinaIme.al website from the account with the name of the corresponding author. Author accounts are opened and maintained by site maintainers. This is done for two reasons:

It may seem a bit complicated for ordinary users to publish recipes on the website.

All the recipes published on this website have been rewritten by the site maintainers with Grammarly.

How do you publish your recipes?

How 100% of authors acted Send them to the message option on our KuzhinaIme.co.uk Facebook page (click here), then they will be rewritten with Grammarly and published on this website in the author’s account they will be opened with your name and shared on our Facebook page.

How to evaluate and how do you save your favorite recipes?

If you look carefully at the top of each recipe, there are five options.

Anyone can use this option.

Full screen (anyone can use this option)

Print (anyone can use this option)

Save (only logged-in users can use this option).

Rate (only logged-in users can use this option)

To use the last 2 options, click on the Register option (located at the top, to the right of your screen, if you are visiting the site from a desktop). If you are using a smartphone, it is at the top, next to the KuzhinaIme.al logo, and follow the instructions. After you register and log in using the login option (located at the top, on the right of your screen, if you are visiting the site from a desktop), If you are using a smartphone, it is at the top, next to the KuzhinaIme.al logo, and you will be able to rate and save your favorite recipes. Recipes rated and saved by you will appear on your profile. The My Profile option is only displayed for logged-in users after you are logged in. Also, logged-in users can comment on the website without filling in the data box (name, email, website) that appears in the comment option at the end of each recipe. After you are logged in, at the end of each recipe, the field for completing the comment and the Publish Comment option will appear. It’s simple; try signing up by clicking here.

Thank You.

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